Speaking @ Chatbot Life 2019 on Building Bots for Business

Planning to be in New York City on May 22?

Chatbot Life conference will be in town and I am speaking on the strategies and tactics for building Facebook Messenger bots that make money

We will have “Idea to Launch” panel and I plan to discuss bots that automate sales, service and support for businesses ranging from local services to global enterprises

I covered a few chatbot topics on this blog not long ago, including how to make a business case for chatbots and how to develop a chatbot strategy. With this panel we expect to have a lively discussion comparing and contrasting different approaches from several colleagues

Chatbots are the future of marketing because of their unique capabilities to deliver instant gratification, by handling standardized scripted interactions. The human reps can be redeployed to handle higher-level inquires with a higher return on their time

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