A Message from the Founder

My name is Dmitriy and I’m here to introduce myself and my company!

I have worked in Digital Marketing for nearly 20 years, wearing almost every hat including business & market strategy, software development, media buying, email marketing, affiliate marketing, content production, and community management. My key skills and passions are in identifying latest marketing best practices, translating them into repeatable business processes and then implementing these processes in reliable software systems. I have built marketing software products and systems used by Fortune 500 companies, which resulted in successful IPOs.

Why exactly did I start TargetChoice?

Modern media and advertising landscape presents incredible opportunities for businesses but also raises massive new challenges. Nearly every human on the planet can be reached with digital advertising through platforms such as Facebook, Google or just plain old email and phone. But the media costs are going up, it is getting harder to stay relevant to your audience and the ad buying platforms get more confusing and complicated by the day. Luckily, more complexity means more opportunity to profit for businesses who will get it right and construct a well-oiled digital marketing machine.

Heard something like that before?

Every “marketing solution provider” tells a similar story about the problems they claim to solve. But talk to a few of them and you’ll find that most offer very narrow perspectives that don’t connect well. Just like the real-life Gurus having completely different sensations touching different parts of the elephant. You are constantly asked to believe that “this one simple marketing trick” will solve all your problems and open the goldmine of leads and sales. You know this sound too good to be true and it is. Shortcuts may land you in a ditch.

Marketing Gurus and the Elephant
Each Guru Has a Different Experience With “The Marketing Elephant”

Don’t listen to people who tell you that the trunk or a leg is all there is to an elephant. To be really successful you need to see the bigger picture and how all parts of the “Digital Marketing elephant” connect into one whole. Which is exactly what we do for our clients

NOW, here is the “BIG IDEA” that drives everything we do

The “elephants” you are hunting are your customers. To get the “full picture” you need to think of EVERY interaction they have with your business and how it moves them towards engaging and buying. Only once you have fully understood and visualized the entire Customer Journey you can make the optimal decisions of what kind of message is needed at every step. BUT once you have done that groundwork you can achieve clarity about your marketing metrics, costs and lifetime customer value (LTV). And once you got that clarity you can rapidly respond to changes in your marketplace. This is not “Your Grandfather’s Marketing Funnel” 😉 ! To make all of this happen we have developed the methodology, automated it via our software, teach it via our training, and finally deliver it as Done-For-You service for clients who qualify.

Learn more about Customer Journey Mastery and then make it work for you!

Make Customer Journey Mastery work for you!

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