Ad Management Software

A marketing process is only good as your ability to implement and enforce it. Relying on a patchwork of tools that require skilled and expensive manual labor can be a real obstacle to optimizing and scaling your advertising.

That’s why to implement the ultimate marketing process of Customer Journey Mastery™ we developed the ultimate ad management software that translates the concepts and checklists into action and results. At present, the software is only available as part of Done-For-You service packages, but in the near future, will be released to general public on a self-service basis.

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Customer Journey Modeling

Map out your current and future customer journeys for planning, analysis, and immediate action

Data Integration

Dynamically populate and sync audiences with CRMs, email services, pixels and other data sources via API

Combinatorial Experiments

Plan, execute and analyze multivariate partitioning tests with your targeting and creatives

Advanced Reporting

Review, visualize and analyze your most important metrics based on your customer journey models

Audience Management

Organize, develop and stack your prospect & customer audiences based on your customer journey maps

Persona Design

Construct your customer personas from reusable building blocks based on available targeting criteria

Creative Library

Plan, createtag and assign your advertising content based on customer journey alignment

Bid & Budget Optimization

Put your ads on autopilot with our intelligent bots negotiating with ad platforms on your behalf