Do you have burning questions that prevent you from starting an advertising project?

Or maybe you are already running some ads and not sure what you can do to improve the results?

I am announcing FREE “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) service that will be held exclusively in our Facebook group. If you are not part of it yet, go ahead and join here:

I commit to offering free adviceon any marketing question you may have, as long as it has some relation to Facebook Ads, Funnels or Customer Journeys. Just go ahead, join the group and make a post!

Most relevant questions  would be on developing strategies that integrate multiple marketing channels and use Facebook Ads. But don’t feel pressured to limit yourself! I will answer from the perspective of the marketing process & methodology designed around the ideas of Customer Journeys. You are also welcome to respond and engage on the questions others may ask!

I won’t be promoting any products️  within that AMA. But I would remind that we offer “done-for-you” FB Ad services for those who want their questions answered privately   on an ongoing basis.

Join and post your question here:

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