The Issue #42 of the FeedFront Magazine has my article on Facebook Analytics.

Here is the full title and link: “Facebook Analytics: Monetize the Customer Journey”

If you are spending money on Facebook, but never tried Facebook Analytics or not taking advantage of its advanced features, stop what you are doing and read this article!

It is going to change your mindset on tracking and measuring your Facebook advertising.

I will highlight the breakthrough idea here. Facebook now lets you connect tracking across formerly disparate touchpoints by creating a new type of entity called Event Source Group.

There is a quick HOWTO on how to set this up in their documentation on Omni-channel Analytics, though it doesn’t really highlight specific use cases and why they would be important.

What you want to do today is activate Facebook Analytics for your pages.

Just visit<your_page_id>/ to activate collection and reporting of the page data, which includes Facebook Messenger events. Once it has run for awhile you can connect it with your Facebook Pixel (or other data sources) and start experimenting with cross-channel reports and audiences.

To open the full article you can click the preview image


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