Wondering how Facebook Messenger bots may work for your business?

My latest article on chatbots is in the Issue #45 of the FeedFront Magazine. It offers some guidelines for developing a solid plan to integrate chatbots into all key aspect of your customer experience. You want to read it after the “7 Reasons Your Business Needs a Chatbot Right Now“.

This is an all-new material, developed to address a very specific request: “we want to have a comprehensive chatbot that could do everything possible“. Everything changes once you start thinking in those terms instead of “how can we just copy this or that little application“. By all means, do implement the specific tactics that work for you industry – but then embrace and extend them. The 5 Pillars include:

  • Grow
  • Engage
  • Monetize
  • Service
  • Advocate

To open the full article click the preview image:

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