Advertising That Makes You Money

Facebook Ads for the full Customer Journey

We specialize in performance advertising, which means helping you generate and close more leads or sales profitably

We created the ultimate method for planning and managing ads

We developed the software to automate this process, that will be available on self-service basis

We teach this method through training and coaching if you want to learn how to do it yourself

Last but not least we can deliver it through Done-For-You service engagements

Yes and Yes!

All our products and services are designed around one unified marketing method

You have the full control over how you would like to have it delivered

The options include self-service software, training and coaching as well as Done-For-You service

Of course, our training and client service are powered by that same software!

Most agencies have trouble explaining their process with clarity, so they lead you in the dark

They have limited technical knowledge of the ad platforms, so they cannot automate very well

Few do a good job of creating 360° campaigns that reach your customers everywhere they are

Many lack transparency about what they actually charge you vs spend on ads

Above all, they usually miss major business opportunities for their clients

We have a dirty little secret to share

There is not much proprietary about most approaches to advertising you may read or hear about!

Most “Gurus” are like the blind men describing their experience of touching an elephant

We compiled a massive amount of existing best practices and turned them into one clear methodology

Finally, we built one unified software platform for implementing it the most efficiently

Yes, in fact, we strongly encourage it!

Your existing marketing systems already house important insights about your customers and markets

Our job is to extract and recast them in a more thorough framework

We “embrace & extend” every system and method that exists out there

But of course, if you use our software you will get the best implementation

We mean it when we say any business

The idea of starting with mapping out a Customer Journey and aligning your ads around it works everywhere

What differs are stages, channels, ad platforms, creative and targeting tactics, but they all fit the same framework

This works in lead generation, e-commerce, SaaS/B2B, info products, professional services, etc

Many people are already using some form of this process without realizing it and maximizing its potential

Don’t trust anyone who promises exact results without getting knee deep in your business

It starts with whether you have a product that someone wants, that you can sell and deliver

Then you have to look at how to reach your market profitably and what would be the right message

Consider how big is the market, how far you can scale and what your cost structure will look like

Bottom line, there are no shortcuts, you have to apply the process, design the roadmap and then test and iterate

We both love and hate this question!

Most people don’t understand the definition, applicability, limitation, and terminology of AI or machine learning

If you expect magic that would replace the hard work of understanding your market, every vendor will disappoint you

Successful AI or ML projects are usually limited in scope supporting specific decision-making within larger applications

In case of our software we use machine learning for bid and budget optimization

No, and we don’t plan to

All software is delivered under Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model

Maintaining distributable code would greatly complicate and slow down our product development

We host the software on physical servers that we own and control, in our datacenter

If you have a special development request backed by a significant budget, get in touch via partnership request form

The first step is to get familiar with our methodology so that we speak the same language

If you want self-service software or training and coaching you can sign up directly

If you want Done-For-You service we have to qualify every request individually and then come up with a custom quote

Typically after you apply we would proceed to an in-depth questionnaire and a strategy call

Then we would define and agree upon the project approach and do a contract